Lauren and Alex walk through the peat bogs of noise on #ds106radio

We discuss pancakes, John Bonham and instrumental music.

Recorded 19/02/2021

Last Friday Alex and I held the #ds106radio feed hostage again 4-6pm GMT, this week with the theme of selecting music with no vocals. A few sampled voices slipped through the net but otherwise we managed to keep to the theme and break through to a wide variety of tracks and genres. This included a steel band cover of Aphex Twin and Abby Roach playing the spoons.

In the UK we celebrated Pancake Day (aka Shrove Tuesday) on Feb 16th and Alex’s unique pancake topping of choice stirred up concern and community feedback.

If you fancy listening back there’s a recording at the top of this post and a track list below.

Track list 19/02/2021:

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