Lauren and Alex thrash about on Fridays – only on #ds106radio

We discuss Björk, UK cold weather and home working distractions.

Recorded 12/02/2021

Alex Masters and I have been hitting the #ds106radio waves on Fridays 4-6pm GMT to welcome in the weekend with a chill couple of hours of music and chat. We’ve done four sessions so far, and this week we seem to have hit our stride, learning to go with the flow and bouncing off each other’s music selections. You can listen to a recording of the show at the top of this post.

For the first couple of weeks I had an unwieldy set up due to my laptop’s internal mic not working, but now I finally have it all fixed. Listening back it sounds like I need to tweak my levels, and no doubt I’ll continue to tinker with my set up, but this is what my Audio Hijack session looks like right now:

I used Anne-Marie Scott’s blog posts to navigate using Audio Hijack, and Jim Groom gave me the positive vibes and server details to get on the radio.

Alex and I are having a lot of fun. Getting on the air feels like a way of giving back to a community which has been so open, welcoming and generous during the pandemic. Over the past year I’ve regularly relied on tuning into the radio to hear a familiar voice or music as both comfort and distraction in strange times.

We’ll be back again this Friday for another session. Hope to see you there ✿

Track list 12/02/2021:

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